A series of conversations with John Marshall looking back over his career, the relationships, the key stages, the current state of mathematics teaching and much much more ……….

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In The Beginning: a look back to 1958 and how it all started with John and Jennifer Marshall (Read More)

John, Jennifer & Chris Discuss The Early Years

Why Maths: Chris and John discuss why John got interested in Maths, when he first knew he could make a difference, and what kept him going for 50+ years (Read More)


Harold Fletcher: (Read More)

Ruth Walker: (Read More)

John Fletcher: (Read More)

Sir Wilfred Cockcroft: Chairman of the Government Inquiry into the Teaching of Mathematics, Vice Chancellor of Colerain University & Host to HM The Queen in Jubilee Year, Long Term Collaborator, Life Long friend and Champion of John throughout his career.

In this series of conversations we look at the impact Bill had in a multitude of areas. (Read More)

A trip down Memory Lane (well Woodlands Drive to be precise) as John recalls the first meeting.


The Hull Years: the old saying is that the best thing to come out of Hull is the M62, but a close second has to be the Mathematical Pedigree and Personal, even John Fletcher! (Read More)

Barlaston School: the centre of ‘Fletcher Mathematics” the school opened in 1961 with a new Head Teacher, Ruth Walker. LEA Inspector Harold Fletcher regarded this the place where he could develop a ‘contemporary course in mathematics’ to support the aims and aspirations of the Paris Conference. John Marshall first visited the school in 1967. At the time it catered for children aged 5-11. Later it became a First School for children aged 5-9, not the best for developing a primary mathematics course. (Read More)

The American Connection: a series of discussions looking at nearly 60 years of our very own ‘Special Relationship’ with America. Starting in 1961 with the New Thinking In School Mathematics (OEECD) report where Paul Rosenbloom and Minneapolis were first brought to our attention, a planned exchange visit in 1962, a first visit in 1979, a year at School in Minneapolis for Chris, 5 years as a visiting lecturer at the University of South Florida, and many enduring relationships. (Read More)

Chris & John Discuss The Start Of The ‘Special Relationship”: 1961 – 1979


Paris Conference: the Mathematics curricula reforms in the 1960s were kick-started by the Royaumont Seminar of 1959, held near Paris and organised under the auspices of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (and precipitated by the launch in 1957 of the first sputnik by the Soviet Union. Mr Cyril Hope (Worcester College of Education) and Mr Frank Land (Hull University. Formerly at Liverpool University) were the UK’s nominated “outstanding in their field” representatives at the Seminar. Following Royaumont the reform of mathematics teaching in the UK gained significant momentum with a follow-up conference in Southampton in 1961. This conference was chaired by Professor Bryan Thwaites of the University of Southampton and featured Professor W.H. Cockcroft (The Schools Mathematics Project began as a research project inspired by this 1961 conference).

The report of the Royaumont Seminar “New Thinking In School Mathematics” was published in 1961, and a copy presented to John Marshall by Harold Fletcher in 1968.

The purpose of this report is to focus attention on the need to introduce modern concepts, clear definitions and such methods of teaching as will eventually lead to formal mathematics structures.

(Read More)

The Importance Of The1959 Paris Conference

The Cockcroft Report: (Read More)


Hamill & Marshall: Four Books in total Modern Mathematics Books 1 and 2,and A Teachers Guide to Modern Mathematics Books 1 and 2.

With a forward from Professor WH Cockroft they introduced a range of topics including Binary Numbers, Sets & Logic, Flow Charts and Switching Circuits and redesigned work from the 1968 Remedial Education Article. (Read More)

New Curriculum Mathematics For Schools: (Read More)

Addison Wesley: an American publishing company our first communication was with A-W Inc. Later they became AW Ltd to handle the Mathematics For Schools project . Paul Newman, VP of AW visited our home in 1970 and was equally enthralled by a Jennifer Dinner and a young Chris playing with the ‘function machine’. (Read More)


Cuthbert Cuboid: developed by a Hull Student Vicky Smith who also did some great work on Understanding Number on teaching practice at Somerset Street Infants school. This was in the very early days of introducing shape/geometry.(Read More)

World Class Learning: (Read More)


Figure It Out: written by John Marshall this was a 26 programme TV series transmitted throughout the UK from 1972 – 75 including Multiplication, Flow Charts and Machine Mathematics. The Teachers notes old 30,000 in the first year, no doubt because of the correction of an error found by a 9 year old Chris! (Read More)