A series of essays, articles, teachers notes from a 50+ year career in mathematics.

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Educating Verity: A Series of Work in Progress Notes demonstrating John’s past, present and future vision for the understanding of mathematics.

Introduction: The style of the essays has two characters discussing the teaching of mathematics to young children. It is hoped they are recognisable. The notes are still ‘live’ they are updated regularly as we develop more manipulative and games to support them.

Multiplication Part One: introducing the concept and language of multiplication. Supporting games include New World Series Golf, Go For Goal, Test Track.

Multiplication Part Two: developing the concept and language of multiplication. Supporting games include Multiplication Jigsaw and Multiplication Wall Charts.

Inventing Numbers: creating with understanding the numbers up to five. Manipulatives and games include Number Jigsaws, Concept Bingo, Concept Jigsaw, Concept Dominoes and Concept Counting Board.

Sorting Leading To Number and Logic: the concept of number classification. Games include Logic Dominoes, Hexi Logic, Logic Tiles.

Data Handling: a look at the use of graphs, and sowing the seeds of probability. Supporting games include Theme Park, Test Track, New World Series Golf.

Essay One: Multiplication Part 1 (Real World Mathematics) * This is a sample Work in Progress essay while we build and populate the site.

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