Historically Marshall Innovations has derived income solely through Royalties from Mathematical Books, Games and Manipulative Materials.

In March 2019 John and Jennifer Marshall transferred their shares to Chris Marshall, and resigned as Directors, with John Marshall being appointed Life Chairman.

The Board agreed that in addition to the historical income streams it would develop in a number of new business directions:

  1. An Online Presence: develop a Blog and Website that presents the archive of all the previous years work, providing people with the option to access for free, and make donations if they so wish.
  2. Make the games and manipulatives available online, where appropriate, for a fee.
  3. Build on the consultancy skills of M2 Associates to provide a range of Educational services.
  4. Seek new partners to address the shortfall in the teaching of mathematics, primarily in the UK but not ruling out other countries where we have experience.
  5. For completeness, to bring all the family business activities into one company, and to help fund the above the ALStrays Transport project will be run through Marshall Innovations.*

* Following Chris and Sandra’s move back to the UK the focus is on UK based transport, specifically the transport of rescue animals within the UK, assisting with the import of rescue animals into the UK. The logistics of UK transports and the TRACES requirements to often kennel an imported animal for 48 hours before delivery to the new owner makes Jonathan Road the best location to run this from as kennels are already in place, and these have been enhanced to provide a secure area for the exercise of animals and to improve the overall security of the facility.

In 2020 the decision was made to stop providing EU transports and to develop partnerships with EU transporters and provide then with support via our Trade Account with Eurotunnel, and via our Type 2 LIcense.