Working From Home: Stick or Twist

As we move towards another easing of COVID-19 restrictions many people working from home will no doubt sigh with relief at the thought of heading back to the office as it appears that homeworkers in the UK have experienced, during the pandemic, a 2.5 hour increase in the working day, and on average “we” are working 25% longer and finishing work at 8pm.

How sad!

Much was made during the first Lockdown in in March 2020 about the opportunity to establish a New Normal, a ‘better’ relationship with work, leisure and care. No doubt you will have read that Google are introducing a flexible week of two days working from home. In addition Spain are starting a three year pilot based around a 32 hour week, New Zealand are considering a four day week, and Japan are looking at a three day weekend.

The UK? Our government wants us all back on the motorways, in the office and filling our arteries with fast food coffee and savouries! This is despite support (in the public) for four day, 32 hour weeks.

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