More and more of us require (or will require) care, and a combination of demand outstripping supply, increasing costs, and more and more ‘horror stories’ relating to the Care Homes, caring for our loved ones at home is becoming more and more of a necessity, and for many by far the preferred option.

As a family it is certainly our preference, and whilst the time has not yet come, like all good Boy Scouts we have been getting prepared!

For many though care@home, while attractive (and in many cases the only option) comes with significant challenges.

Many of my generation are struggling to provide social and financial support to three generations: their parents, their children and their grandchildren so time is not a plentiful commodity.

Nor is that great time saver, technology, necessarily a great strength for my generation. We tend to know how to use it i.e. emails, online shopping, social media, but we lack an in depth understanding of how it works and more importantly how it can be applied.

Over the years we have always tried to make the most of the technology available and as far back as December 2010 The Telegraph featured our use of technology as Expats Living In Spain in Thoroughly Modern Expats and I covered the subject of the use of technology regularly in my Telegraph Column.

In recent years we have used technology to not only communicate with my parents while we were in Spain, but also to ‘keep an eye’ on them, and now we are back in the UK this continues, but we have added monitoring the apartment in Spain to the mix, and our home in the UK is very much a Smart Home.

Add into the mix a number of old family friends, and indeed some parents of newer acquaintances who need more care@home and we decided that we would combine or technology, business and personal skill and experiences and offer a care@home service to those that would like to look at ways in which technology could help both within the home, and those providing the care.

But just to be clear, we are not carers, are not medically trained and are not looking to provide any service other than advisory and set up.

Feel free to browse more information regarding care@home on the site