Working From Home: Your Home Office

Eyes down, here we go again …. Lockdown 3.0. Amongst other things be prepared to be bombarded with advice from people like me about what you should do to make working from home better/easier/more productive.

First up, ignore the title above. I mean, honestly how many of us have an “office” at the Office? Secondly, rather like all the amazing diets we are told about what is best for you is what works best for you, which has to take into account your lifestyle, circumstances, work patterns etc etc. Thirdly, most articles will probably list a whole range of items you should buy to replicate the Office Experience, but guess what? It isn’t an office, it’s your home, so whilst an efficient works space is going to be conducive to working at home, it also needs to be unobtrusive, and take into account others in the property.

For those of you that have seen our set up at home you will know that we have put a lot of effort into incorporating work space into our home, but we have in effect been Working From Home since 1995 so we have done this with every property we have owned.

Whilst we do have a pretty formal, and well appointed Office at home, we have also created a number of work areas throughout the house to provide some variety (a benefit of working from home surely), to provide the ability to work together or separately, to make the most of the good weather, or to ensure conversations don’t impact on the other person.

In a way it helps to think of it this way: we have an office within an Office, much as you would in a conventional Office.

I have touched on a number of specific areas before, so will not repeat myself, but suffice to say that each of the “work areas” have a number of characteristics in common:

  1. They are well lit by natural light.
  2. They have the necessary technology and equipment to do the job.
  3. Chairs are comfortable and suitable for the length of time they are likely to be used for, ditto work surfaces.

At times you will find me in the “office” at the big computer with three screens attached as I research and write. At other times I will be catching up on emails on the Notebook sat at the Kitchen table. On a good day I will be sat in the Summer House watching the cricket and making notes on a Table or dare I say, in an actual notebook with a real (fountain) pen. I have held Video Cals in the Office, Kitchen, Lounge, Summer House, Dining Room and sat at an outside table in the garden.

And for me that is the point: working from home means you are working from your home, not an office, so create and enjoy the benefits, break free of the shackles, ignore the advice from people that are really just listing a range of office products you should buy.

Of course, if you want any advice or help feel free to contact them, or indeed us!!!